Gwangju Biennale Foundation
GB Commission

The GB Commission supports productions of new works, focusing on visualizing diverse issues and discourses on the city of Gwangju as the site for the biennale. Launched in 2018, the project is organized by the Gwangju Biennale Foundation to provide artists from around the world opportunities to create new works on the local history, artistic tradition, and civic values through extensive research. Through such artistic endeavors to create artworks engaging with Gwangju’s historical and cultural context and dealing with the city’s historic sites, the GB Commission aims to re-examine the social and spiritual legacy of the May 18 Democratic Uprising from a contemporary perspective. At the same time, the project also aims to consider the inaugural spirit of the biennale to heal the wounds of the democratic movement through culture. MaytoDay, a special commemorative exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement, is to open in coming, 2020, along with new commissions created under the GB Commission by Minouk Lim, Chiharu Shiota, and Ho Tzu Nyen at the former Armed Forces' Gwangju Hospital and Asia Culture Center. During the 13th Gwangju Biennale, additional GB Commission projects by Sunghwan Kim and Tarek Atoui will be exhibited. Previous GB Commission projects by Mike Nelson and Kader Attia from the Gwangju Biennale 2018 will remain on display at the historic site of the Armed Forces’ Gwangju Hospital. The GB Commission projects will continue to accumulate, mediating the expansion of the spirit of Gwangju.

2020-2021 GB Commission

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