6th Biennale(2006)

Participating Countries
: 31
: 127
관련 이미지

Duration of Event: September 8 ~ November 11, 2006


Asia is changing. Asia is constantly moving and expanding with no definitive form of identity. It is not the fantasy in the minds of the West; the fantasy of New Asia is born from the mobile and dynamic Asia.


"Fever," the keyword of the 2006 Gwangju Biennale, is derived from the Latin for "heat", but culturally or poetically, it means a hot trend or phenomenon. The intention was to reorganize and reinterpret contemporary art from the perspective of Asia´s new energy of change and its dynamic vision that is spreading like a fever.


The Artistic Director was Kim Hong-hee, Wu Hung was Chief Curator of The First Chapter and Kim Sang-yun was the Chief Programmer of The Third Sector.