Vision and Policy


Medium for Glocal Visual Culture of Creative Innovation and Coexitence

The vision of Gwangju Biennale is to pursue value of facilitating and deepeningn key issues and discourses of the time through theme-based exhibition and academic seminars based on the identity it has been building and fulfilling its role as a medium of visual culture, to unleash the energy of creative innovation throughout the humane societies.

Policy Objectives and Key Initiatives

4 Major Policy Objectives

  1. 1. Renew and differentiate global presence as a leader of glocal visual culture promotion
  2. 2. Build efficient and stable grounds of the foundation management
  3. 3. Enhance communication and cooperation by facilitating local and external networking
  4. 4. Play the role as a landmark of the host city and an origin of cultural promotion
  • Policy Objective 1

    Strengthen Global Presence as a Leader of Glocal Visual Culture and Ensure Differentiation

    Key Initiatives
    1. 1. Strengthen differentiated aspects of Gwangju Biennale / Continuous
    2. 2. Define role in international stage and policy initiatives / Continuous
    3. 3. Build digital achieve of Gwangju Biennale / Mid-term
    4. 4. Run a program to support local artists / Continuous
    5. 5. Hold Youth Biennale / Long-term
  • Policy Objective 2

    Build Efficient and Stable Management Grounds

    Key Initiatives
    1. 6. Streamline operation of the organization / Mid-term
    2. 7. Build a system for internal evaluation of the foundation / Mid-term
    3. 8. Improve budget and management transparency of the foundation with
    4. management information disclosure / Mid-term
    5. 9. Develop programs to expand sponsorship / Mid-term
    6. 10. Secure funding and systematic resource management / Mid-term
    7. 11. Develop Biennale MD products / Mid-term
    8. 12. Diversify marketing to increase ticket sales / Mid-term
  • Policy Objective 3

    Strengthen Local and External Network of Cooperation

    Key Initiatives
    1. 13. Promote projects for Asian Culture Complex and cultural institutions in Gwangju / Continuous
    2. 14. Run an advisory board for Gwangju Biennale / Mid-term
    3. 15. Run Gwangju Biennale University (Preliminary title) / Mid-term
    4. 16. Promote internal and external networks / Continuous
  • Policy Objective 4

    Being a Landmark of the Host City and Origin of Cultural Facilitation

    Key Initiatives
    1. 17. Strengthen the role as an origin of cultural promotion / Continuous
    2. 18. Develop and operate community-based programs of Gwangju Folly / Mid-term
    3. 19. Promote exhibitions of Gwangju Biennale / Mid-term
    4. 20. Build and run Gwangju Biennale Archive / Mid/long-term

※ Policy Agenda and Objectives can be subject to partial changes due to administrative conditions